Hansika’s dream house for adopted children

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Real beauty lies in the heart and deeds that one carry through the course of their lives. The real success is not achieving your dreams, but letting others experience it. Without any doubt, Hansika Motwani has been cheerfully leading her life with this blissful motto bringing light into many lives. We have all known that the actress has been adopting many children and has spent quality time, money and energy on their peace, happiness and future. In spite of busy shooting schedules and her personal commitments, she always exerts more affection towards them.

What she has done now is now astonishing everyone to a greater magnitude. Yes, Hansika Motwani has bought 1-acre of land in Wada near Mumbai to build a huge house for these adopted children… The region is known for its paradisiacal peace and pollution-free ambience and children will have a healthy lifestyle there. The construction works would commence soon and this deed of Hansika Motwani is something more beyond of what we call ‘Inspiration’.