“I got doubtful about ‘Christopher’ and postponed climax shoot” – Vishnu Vishal

Unveiling the real Ratsasan of from the film happened to be a sensational event in Tamil film industry. For all those, who had been raving about the film, especially the overpoweringly terrific look of Christopher character, who plays the baddie, it was a much curious one to see his real face. Finally, the entire team came together for revealing the actor, who is none other than Saravanan.

Speaking on the occasion, actor Vishnu Vishal said, “It happened that we were shooting the climax action sequence. I could sense that Saravanan had some issues performing the action as it involved both the stunts and magical tricks together. So I took a pause for a while and called for producer G Dilli Babu on the sets. I told him that the entire film’s strength gets completed with the climax. But now with Saravanan struggling to perform both the stunts and magic together, it will definitely have an adverse effect on the film. So I asked the producer to postpone the shooting. Moreover, it was the final shoot in the building block as it was to be demolished immediately after our shooting. But Dilli Babu sir understood the situation giving time for Saravanan to get prepared.”

On his part, Saravanan said, “It’s true that I couldn’t make the perfect flow as I had to starve a lot due to makeover and didn’t have the energy to perform well. I am really thankful to director Ramkumar, Vishnu Vishal and Dilli Babu sir for being such a greater support.”