“I wanted to wholeheartedly refuse ISAI offer”

Very rarely we do find such wizardry actors who can enthrone new personas unfading over eras. Apparently, who can forget Sathyaraj’s mammoth performance as Ammavaasai in Amaidhi Padai or his quirky lines of Thagadu Thagudu in Kaaki Sattai? These roles distinctly proved to be an inherent part of him and they remain as prodigious spell even after decades.

The tall rejuvenated actor affirms that his role in recent release ‘Isai’ is no different as it has emblazoned his career in a different paradigm. “Initially, when SJ Suryah had requested me to listen to the script, I wanted to wholeheartedly refuse the offer. In contrast, what turned me frozen in astonishment was the way he had sketched my characterization and soon as he completed the narration of first half, I patted his shoulders and gave a nod,” says Sathyaraj on his antagonistic role in this film.