Idam Porul Eval based on four characters

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Bestowed with a tag of ‘National award winning filmmaker’, has been acknowledged and highly appraised for his uniqueness in conceptualizing stories. His upcoming film ‘’ is no exception, which is based on the lives of four characters.

In an interview, has uttered that the film is about an youngster (Vijay Sethupathi) who is seeking refuge in hilly mountains and an elder woman (Vadivukarasi) offers shelter treating him as her own son. Leading a peaceful life, he falls in love with a beautiful girl (Nandita) and his days turn heavenly there. Then, we find a Tamil literature graduate (Vishnu Vishal) in Madurai and his love for proficient public speaker (Iyshwarya Rajesh). These four characters have their own aspirations and plans in life until they get connected unexpectedly. however doesn’t want to break the suspense and wants the audience to get enthralled with their own experience in theatres. is produced by Lingusamy and Subash Chandra Bose under the banner of Thirrupathi Brothers and is getting ready for release by mid-of-March.

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