Interesting element behind Rajnikanth age 162

Recently, there is a large number of poster being stuck on the walls of Chennai captured the attention of the dwellers of Chennai. It has been noted that the posters contains a picture of actor Rajnikanth with his age numbering 162, surprised the people as this appeared before his birthday, 12th December. It is not only his picture that appeared but also few other celebrities pictures and their ages has been increased drastically to few decades, as a result of which discussions has been sprung up among the dwellers of Tamil Nadu.

Although it is just a promotion poster for the film Saainthaadu Saaithaadu, it has been speculated that there could be some scenes in the film related to the poster. With all these doubts, even the reporters all round the corner are trying to catch up with an interview with Kasaali, director of this film, to ask for untold answers.

Director Kasaali answered the query by stating that there is a close relationship between the poster, which had various celebs pictures and their unoriginal increased age, and the story of Saainthaadu Saainthaadu. He also throws up a question to all the reporters of how blissful it would be if the celebrities on that poster, of whom we are amazed of, live 5o or more with good health and happiness. He also adds that there is an interesting element in this film that could bring this dream come true which is told through these posters in a roundabout manner.

Hope Kasali’s dream comes true which will be a true celebration among the fans.