Interview With Nikhila Vimal About Thambi
Interview With Nikhila Vimal About Thambi

Interview with Nikhila Vimal about Thambi

Actor Karthi has always been ennobled as the genuine person by his co-stars, especially heroines, who cannot stop praising him about his wonderful gesture and congenial nature. Now the latest one to do the same is none other than actress Nikila Vimal, who is playing his love interest in the movie ‘Thambi’. Directed by Jeethu Joseph, the film is scheduled for release on December 20, 2019.

In this exclusive interview with Studio Flicks, she opens up on her experience working in the film ‘Thambi’.

“I had got the opportunity to work with Jeethu Joseph in one of his earlier projects, but it couldn’t happen due to my prior commitments with other projects. However, he promised me that we can work together in his next movie and he fulfilled his promise by getting me onboard for the film “THAMBI”. At the same time, he openly admitted that there will be more importance for Karthi, Jyotika and Sathyaraj. I was happy about his honesty and was really happy to be a part of such a project that has top-notch artistes and technicians. To have such great technicians like RJ Rajashekar as cinematographer, Music director Ghibran and of course, Jeethu Joseph helming the project, I didn’t have any second thoughts and instantly got excited to be a part of this project. My characterization in the film wouldn’t be a blink and miss one, but will have a strong link with the film’s premise. Having been a part of industry for past 5 years, I have been firmly looking up for content driven characterizations and never been on a hurry to sign up multiple projects namesake, which would end my journey.

Soon after the release of my Tamil debut film ‘Kidaari’, I got many opportunities out there in Malayalam and continued to be a part of it. Now I am happy to have got my rebirth in Tamil industry through ‘Thambi’. Being fluent in Tamil made my job easier in this movie.”

Speaking about Karthi, she says, “Usually, heroes get acknowledged or labeled as best one in particular genre of movies. However, Karthi has been an exceptional case as he keeps choosing unique projects. There is lots of freshness and different from one film to the another and he is always best in whatever he does. Be it an exceptional genre movie or an offbeat one, he scores brownie points. I feel prouder to be working with such an artiste. On the other hand, he isn’t just focused on his works, but assures that his co-stars and other actors get best scope to perform and he helps them to bring the best output. When there are combination scenes with him, I would go to the shooting spot earlier and he would be with his make-up works. When I request him if she can rehearse the lines looking at him, he would immediately accept it. I have never seen such a humble and down to earth artiste so far.”

Getting on to speak about Jyotika, Nikila Vimal says, “Just like everyone, I have been a diehard fan of Suriya-Jyotika. I was so much excited on working with Jyotika and she was so much helpful on the sets. Her way of treating others and polite way of talking to other is really great.”