Is Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 getting too political

Is Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 getting too political?

Is Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 getting too political?

Actor Kamal Haasan has been successfully hosting Bigg Boss Tamil for the past 6 years. With the actor embarking on his political journey, the actor seems to be getting too political with this show, which appears to have exceeded this season. For every single topic, the actor seems to be making political references, which has been getting resentment from audiences across social media platforms.

There was a scenario, where the contestants were sitting in the same place as before. Instantly, Kamal Haasan makes a statement citing, “Please move from Right to Left”. When speaking to Vikraman, one of the contestants, he said, “Minority’s voice should be heard by the Majority”. It is noteworthy that Vikraman is involved in politics, and we need to waste our time mentioning those links here.

The ’Vikram’ actor pointed out Azeem’s play in Luxury Task, and said, “Sooriyana Mattum Nyabhagam Vachirukkinga” (You remember the ‘SUN’ alone). And this is the biggest of all references he made. It is noteworthy that Azeem in one of the previous weeks had mentioned his bonding with a leading politician and currently, a minister of the Tamil Nadu State Government cabinet.

The audiences are not against Kamal Haasan’s proficiency in using the Bigg Boss show as a political campaigning platform, but the overdose of anything will start irking, right?