Is Lyca Productions facing issues with Netflix on Vidaamuyarchi

Is Lyca Productions facing issues with Netflix on Vidaamuyarchi?

Lyca Productions has lined up a slew of promising projects, which are scheduled at different stages of production. While its first outing of this phase will be Indian 2 releasing worldwide on July 12, 2024, the other releases – Vettaiyan starring Superstar Rajinikanth and Ajith Kumar’s Vidaamuyarchi are other additions. Now Studio Green has made an official announcement stating that the film ‘Kanguva’ will be releasing on October 10. The OTT rights of this film is acquired by Amazon Prime Video, and its competitor Netflix has clasped the Vidaamuyarchi OTT rights. Now, Netflix has reportedly insisted Lyca Productions to release Vidaamuyarchi before November, or else, the OTT agreement would be cancelled. It is noteworthy that the shooting of Vidaamuyarchi had to go through lots of changes in scheduling due to various reasons.

Now we need to wait and watch out on Lyca’s decision whether they would juggle up the release of Vettaiyan and Vidaamuyarchi.