Is this running length of Kabali uncut version?

What could be the best words to adorn a story that comes up to write upon Kabali? We have written the best adjectives to praise and it’s all getting bigger and bigger now. The film’s first look teaser almost touching 20 million views on YouTube has been the trending tales in many media hubs.

Meanwhile, the news about the audio-trailer launch and theatrical release is kindling up more curiosities and celebrations among the fans. With all such jubilations set out everywhere, we get to see that there is an interesting tug of war happening inside the crew of Kabali. It seems that the running length of the final edit of Kabali is 2 Hours 55 Minutes. Now that the team is advising Ranjith to trim few portions, he is slightly reluctant that it could spoil the actual feel of this film. We need to wait and watch out for the final decision and probably a 10-15minutes cut can be expected.