Is Uttama Villain based on tragic lines?

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It’s almost been two years we saw the much acclaimed matinee-idol on the screens post – Vishwaroopam in 2013 amidst controversies and upheavals. Apparently with the final credits revealing about Vishwaroopam II, the invigoration among the fans turned irresistible and inquisitiveness pondered over the sequel’s release. Nevertheless, it has been delayed for some reasons and recently, we learnt that Kamal Haasan is planning up to res-hoot the climax.

With all such buzzing hums happening in town, it is said that his other film Uttama Villain might have a peck of tragic ending. The film is based on the life of a reigning star abandoning everyone who has lifted him to pinnacle of success. Regrettably, when miserable news knocks his door, he decides to look back revive the lives and broken relationships.

Although, the makers including director Ramesh Aravind and Thirrupathi Brothers remain tight lipped not divulging anything on this, the sequences in the recent trailer faintly exhibit such traces.