Jai in Pugazh is based on a Political back drop

Good or bad one should be always hitting the news is the way to attain Fame. Jai’s ‘Pugazh’ which hit the bulls eye today with a well crafted and action packed trailer is on the news for good reasons….The trailer is rocking every one says.

Jai starring Surabhi in ‘Pugazh’ is directed by ManiMaran and is nearing its completion. The film produced by Sushant Prasad of Film Department will be presented by Varun Manian’s Radiance Media.

The trailer showcases the genre of the film to be an action thriller. The lead actor Jai, who has seen as a bubbly romantic hero in his earlier films got his shoulders tight and hunk up as an powerful action hero. It is evident that the actor’s off screen adventurous car racing interest had helped in the transformations.

The core topic of the film is said to be set on a political back drop and Jai plays the protagonist and if insiders are to be believed ‘He is power packed and is all set to step into the elevator of stardom’.