Many young league of actors are finding their best moments in the showbiz from last year. Jayam Ravi, especially has been getting through a vivacious phase with more and more hits including Thani Oruvan and Bhooloham. Following the grand success of these movies, the actor is keen on streaking success with his upcoming series of movies, which includes ‘Miruthan’ hitting screens tomorrow.

For the first ever time, Jayam Ravi is getting maximum screen counts of 1000, which is obviously proving that the actor has gained an incredible popularity over the great hits in 2015. Miruthan happens to be the first ever Zombie movie in South Indian film industry featuring Jayam Ravi as a traffic police and Lakshmi Menon as a doctor. D Imman’s songs have already captured the markets and it is expected to be one of the greatest highlights in this movie.