Kabali Movie Review

Direction & Writer : Pa Ranjith
Producer : Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Cast : Rajinikanth | Winston Chao | Radhika Apte
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography : G. Murali
Editor : Praveen K.L
Productioncompany : V Creations
RunningTime : 152 mins

Film is all about the life story of a tamil gangster who lives in Malaysia. Plot shows how he becomes a don and what happens to his family after a particular incident, Does he able to find his wife and kid, does he regain the gangster kingdom in Malaysia, and finally how does he destroy the opponent gangster group. Film storyline is on the lines of other gangster movies like Nayagan & Baasha.

What more we need in a movie than watching our own superstar, This film is also not an exception, His screen presence will make us forget everything. He shines in each and every frame start from the terrific introduction uttering ‘Magizhchi’ .Total three getup’s, vintage Rajini was so cool. Kabali, the man with beard in first half and with mustache alone in second half is electrifying.Its a real treat for the fans.

Radhika Apte as Kumuthavalli, Kabali’s loveable wife. She has done a brilliant job. Though she gets few portions, she scores in each and every scene. Watch out for her performance in the scene which gives lead to ‘Maya Nadhi’ song. Simply outstanding. The way she compliment superstar in that scene brings tears for sure.One of the best emotional scene in recent times.

There are too many characters in the film -John Vijay as Kabali’s right hand travels along with Rajini throughout the first half. Dhansika as daughter, has done her part well, Riythvika’s performance is another highlight in the movie. Dinesh gets a good role, but his appearance doesn’t suit to that particular character. Kalaiarasan has nothing much to do. Kishore and Winston Chao as main gangsters did their part well.

Music is composed by Ranjith’s favorite Santhosh Narayanan, Terrific BGM. Kabali whistle and Neruppuda BGM brings the roof down. Songs are pretty decent, ‘Maya Nadhi’ is one such lovely melody.’Vaanam Paarthen’ lyrics needs a special mention. Sathish’s dance choreography in ‘Ulagam Oruvanukku’ song is nice. Music is one of the biggest strength in the film.

Technically the film is rock solid with eye candy cinematography by G.Murali and Good editing by Praveen K L , felt he could have trimmed few scenes in first half to make the film more crisp. Actions sequences are choreographed well. Art work is good, especially the Thailand sets.Though the duration is 152 mins, felt very slow in the first half.

Pa.Ranjith’s third film. Very simple story with ordinary screenplay. Confused writing in few portions. Dialogues are good, but not many. If you expect a film like Madras, then there are high chances that you will get disappointed. Malaysia portions would have been crafted well. No mass scenes or No twists in the movie, pretty straight forward screenplay with usual climax. To summarize, Ranjith has not tried anything nothing new in this gangster flick.

Its superstar all the way, he carries the film with his charm supported by the Santhosh Narayanan’s BGM. Emotional content works out. Few highlight scenes are Superstar’s intro, pre-interval block, Maya Nadhi lead scene and one action block. Overall Kabali is not an out and out Rajini movie neither fully realistic and raw Ranjith movie. Go with less expectations and enjoy.

Kabali Movie Review
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Kabali : Magizhchi for Superstar Rajinikanth Fans

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