Kabali quits ‘Grand’ audio launch plan

Things were taking a flight of higher excitements amongst Superstar Rajnikanth fans, when they were curiously awaiting the audio launch of ‘Kabali’ to happen in a much grandeur way. But on the spur of moment, it has been decided that there wouldn’t be any special event, but instead will be a soft launch directly through online. One of the confidential sources reveals that it was Superstar Rajnikanth’s plan right from the beginning that he didn’t want the event to be held in grandeur. So the music will be directly hitting the stores on June 12.

As of now, the theatrical release of Kabali has been scheduled on July 1, but again some of the business analysts predict that there could be some last minute change as well. Right now, the current status of Kabali is the final leg of post-production, where DI works are being held at a famous studio in Chennai.