Kamal Haasan and Shekhar Kapur to collaborate for a film?

The country’s most celebrated filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and the acclaimed actor Kamal Haasan might be coming together for a project. Of course, we have been completely bestowed with an impeccable performance of these actors that we saw together in the film ‘Vishwaroopam’. Now the film’s second installment is scheduled for release on August 10.While unveiling the film’s theatrical trailer on the twitter page, Shekhar Kapur said, “All the best Kamal Haasan for Vishwaroppam 2 and thank you for including me in the cast. Despite me being such an awkward actor. But I learnt so much from you on the sets. Next time I direct you and you act.” (Sic)

Kamal Haasan instantly replied saying, “Thanks Shekhar Kapur. We have been planning that movie for nearly 35 years. We have to speed up or all we can do is a political documentary in that case I won’t have to act at all.” (Sic)