Kurangu Bommai Movie Review

Written & Direction : Nithilan Swaminathan
Cast : Vidharth | Bharathiraja | Delna Davis
Music : Ajaneesh Loknath
Cinematography : N. S. Udhayakumar
Editor : Abhinav Sundar Nayak
Production company : Shreya Sri Movies LLP
Running Time : 123 mins

Many young filmmakers are embarking on their successful journey out here in Tamil film industry from the league of short films. It is now Nithilan Swaminathan who has originated as a filmmaker with the film ‘Kurangu Bommai’ starring veteran filmmaker Bharathiraja, Viddarth and Delna Davis in lead roles. After watching the couple of theatrical trailers of this film and trying to link it with the title ‘Kurangu Bommai’ (Monkey Doll in English), the cognizance could be tested at high levels.

But the entire drama revolves with this term and we cannot reveal much about it as it would be as a spoilsport.

An old man (Bharathiraja) shares a long time friendship with a reigning don (PL Thenappan). The latter assigns him on strong belief to handover a bag to a person out there in Chennai and would get back a big money in return, which he has to bring it back. On the part of Chennai, Viddarth who happens to be the son of Bharathiraja estranged due to incident the marriage being called off works as a cab driver. Over his routine trip of work, he comes across same bag of monkey doll. Lots of characters now traverse between these two parallel dramatic narrations with a gruesome truth revealed by the end.

We have come across many short filmmakers, who have attempted unique ideas with their debuts. But this one is quite unparalleled and different from them. To be precise, you could have witnessed all by yourself with the above mentioned synopsis. This is an onionskin plot, where if someone after watching the film would really pause for a while before narrating it. But then, the non-linear screenplay by Nithilan Swaminathan is the top-notch attraction. The first half proceeds with the right momentum, but the second hour ends at a blink and brisk pace. Each and every characterization has been very well etched. Be it Bharathiraja, Viddarth, PL Thenappan, Delna Davis, Elango Kumaravel or the miniscule role of the tribal couple having lost their baby in a lorry, everyone has been projected with best characterizations.

Viddarth has been slowly scaling decent graph with his selection of movies and roles. Bharathiraja is more than a genius with his performance in this film. It’s a tough situation, where the most crucial scenes involving him are revealed as it would be a spoilsport. Viddarth on his part does decent justice to his role. His episodes with Delna Devis are lively and vivacious. Elango Kumaravel appears in a much unpredicted role. We have so far seen him in the comedy and emotional roles, but here it’s a raw contrast.

There aren’t any noticeable flaws in the film, but what could be the one as perceived by a single screen audience across sub-urban and rural areas is that they might not be well versed with a complicated screenplay. This might actually impress lovers of unconventional cinema. On the other point, the post-climax sequence makes the film little dragging. The scene of abrupt shock should have ended up the scene there or else in not more than 2 minutes aftermath. If this sequence was neatly handled, then it would be a crisp movie.
The musical score by Ajaneesh Loknath is good with BGM. Abhinav Sundar Nayak should deserve all praises for his earnest editing. This is a real big pressure on him and he does very well. Cinematography by R.S. Udhayakumar has a special unique tone that keeps the entire drama in a box of unique environment.

Overall, Kurangu Bommai is literally a great attempt with strong writing and nuance performances.

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Verdict: A drama that brings sudden rushes of emotions and unexpected twist by end

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