Kutram 23 Review
Kutram 23 Review

Kuttram 23 Movie Review

Writer & Director : Arivazhagan
Producer : Inder Kumar
Story : Rajesh Kumar
Cast : Arun Vijay | Mahima Nambiar
Music : Vishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematography : Bhaskaran K. M.
Editor : Bhuvan Srinivasan
Production company : Redhan – The Cinema People
Running Time : 135 mins

Arivazhagan is back again with his thriller generation and this time takes the medical crime as theme and Arun Vijay reprises as cop to investigate the crime. Story is inspired from the novel writer Rajesh Kumar.

A crime investigation thriller which starts from a crime scene and an investigation in parallel where the death toll gets added up which leads to the events connected to an illegal medical science and a baddie behind all!

Kuttram 23 Movie Review

Title is apt for the movie and this is revealed post interval when we get to know the illegal medical crime happening at hospitals. It is like a very well researched writing and intelligent enough where they show the illegal business in hospital at pre-climax and its money motive too which leads to the one who started this crime as climax. Movie also delivers a good message for the society about infertility and its consequences which affects a family.

Arun Vijay perfectly fit for the role and his rough look, toned body is apt for a cop. Mahima Nambiar though she comes throughout the movie to support, she did a decent role. Thambi ramaiyah as a assistant cop where his one liners are laugh riot.

Kuttram 23 Movie Review

Arivazhagan this time team up with Vishal Chandrasekhar and delivers a convincing BGM for a thriller. Limited songs, one for romance portion, one for investigating montage and the short one for soulful situational based.

When you want to give a crisp and lag less movie, editing place the major role and in this, you will not see any dull moments and the cuts are placed rightly to show crime investigation and romance track together. Complete movie is showcased in a vintage theme with color shades, looks like watching foreign language movie.

Kuttram 23 Movie Review

Even you hardly find a scene which lags, as the investigation progresses with twist and turns along with a interesting love portion which travel in par with the story is highlight.

Indian sentiments along with medical science theme is crafted in a smart way by adding crime investigation makes it a neat movie to watch out for.

Kuttram 23 Movie Review
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Kuttram 23 : An edge of the seat investigative medical crime thriller

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