Mupparimanam Movie Review

Mupparimanam Review
Mupparimanam Review
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Mupparimanam Movie Review

Directed by : Adhiroopan
Written by :Adhiroopan
Producer : Pollachi V. Visu, Pollachi Gold V. Kumar
Cast : Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Srushti Dange, Skanda Ashok
Music : GV Prakash Kumar
Editor : Vivek Harshan
Cinematographer : Rasamathi
Production company : Shamayalaya Creations
Running time : 140 mins

Lots of releases are loading up the Fridays and among such league come debut filmmaker Adhirooban directorial ‘Mupparimanam’ starring Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and Srushti Dange in lead roles. GV Prakash Kumar has composed music for this film, which has been regarded as yet another highlighting trait.

The film centers on the theme of love, betrayal and revenge as seen in many Tamil movies. It’s a tale about two childhood friends Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and Srushti Dange. As they get into college, their friendship blossoms into love, where they fall for each other, but an unexpected twist in the tale occurs through Skanda Ashok, a top superstar. When he comes to attend a cultural event in college, he falls in love at first sight with Srushti Dange. Much addicted to name, fame and prestige, Srushti breaks up with Shanthanu piling up lies for the reason and decides to get married with Skanda. Broken down in heart, Shanthanu gets mentally affected and adding vainer to his pain is the loss of his mother. Now with the marriage fixed to Srushti and Skanda, Shanthnu kidnaps her and what unfolds next is narrated with some twists in tale.

The film’s basic premise has a stereotypical theme of a girl betraying a man’s love for the sake of selfish life. Of course, we have seen it many times in Tamil cinema, but the treatment of narrative style is appreciative. There are few appreciative quotients that involve good performance by actors. Shanthanu’s performance as an innocent boy and on other extent as a man of broken heart has done his act well. Srushti sticks to perfection and Skanda’s role is appreciable as well.

On the flip side, the running length of the film is over stretched with 140 minutes out of which the first half turns out to be a sluggish one. The sequence involving the kidnap of heroine has the momentum shooting up slightly high and climax arrives with some unexpected twist. But the narrative part of telling this story doesn’t get on with perfection. The musical score by GV Prakash is okay. The editing could have trimmed down some unwanted portions, especially in the first half.

With some appreciable performance, the film would have been better with a crisp narration.

Mupparimanam Movie Review
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Mupparimanam : Stereotypical story with some slightest peck of interesting moments

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