Kuttram Kadithal is declared a clear winner

Kuttram Kadithal is declared a clear winner by the trade market. ‘Kuttram kadithal’ a film of intense depth in the script has marched over the box office as well  the critic’s acclaim.

‘Am extremely delighted with the lasting impression the film had created among the general public. Appreciations are pouring from all part of the world and am glad for the young team of ‘Kuttram Kadithal’  for having attained this in their maiden film itself. The prick in the bubble of our happiness is the piracy. In spite of our best efforts to curb it the menace of piracy is haunting us. Now we have formed a vigilant team that will monitor the piracy. Any body found watching or down loading the piracy version will be dealt very strongly’ declared J S K the man behind the big show of ‘Kuttram Kadithal’.