Lawrence to erect temple for his mother

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Raghavendra is not just a popular actor-choerographer and filmmaker, he is also known for his philanthropic activities. Noted for his social service, Raghavendra is a spiritual man too, having constructed a for his favourite God Sri Raghavendra in Ambattur.

Now the man of many tasks, will be constructing a for his mother Kanmani in Ambattur opposite Raghavendra Swamy . Perhaps he is the first man on earth to erect a to salute the spirit of motherhood on Mother’s day (10 May). Interestingly the first stone for the will be laid by his mother.

It is a dedication and honor to millions of mothers across the globe, who sacrifice their lives for their children and motivate them to come up big in life. I salute the spirit of motherhood, he said.

is on a high thanks to a big hit in Kanchana 2. His eerie thriller loaded with comedy has made it big not just in Tamil but also in Telugu.

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