Maan Karate audio launch postponed

directed by  featuring , , , , and in lead role. Audio launch of this was scheduled to release on March 1st. But now due to technical glitch it has been re-scheduled for March 16th.

Anirudh, music composer of this film has confirmed this via social media that “The final master of ‘’ is going through some quality enhancements and extra post  production work on the musical side. The record label, feel that due to so much of love we are getting, even before the audio release, it would be ideal that the audio releases  simultaneously on all platforms (radio, CD’s, iTunes, Nokia etc). Keeping this in mind, we have decided to launch the audio on March 16th, wherein the music of will be live on every platform at the same time for the benefits of music lovers. Thanks once again for all your love and hope the wait is worth it all for us”