Maayavan Movie Review
Maayavan Movie Review

Maayavan Movie Review

Written & DirectionC.V. Kumar
ProducerC.V. Kumar
K.E. Gnanavel Raja
Abinesh Elangovan
CastSundeep Kishan
Lavanya Tripathi
Jackie Shroff
Daniel Balaji
CinematographyGopi Amarnath
EditorLeo John Paul
Production companyThirukumaran Entertainment
Running Time
128 mins


This happens to be the first-ever time that a Tamil cinema witnesses such a different and unique script. C.V.Kumar definitely deserves a special mention picking up a theme that is completely unconventional and at the same time that would appeal to the interest of the audiences. The film features Sundeep Kishan, Lavanya Tripathi, Daniel Balaji, Jackie Shroff and many more prominent actors.

The film opens with Sundeep Kishan, police officer who is hunting down a petty criminal. During this process of chasing, he accidentally comes across a murder and while rigorously combating with the murderer gets wounded severely. Couple of months later after his recovery, when he gets to resume his job, he is assigned to investigate a murder of an actress. He soon gets disturbed by certain similarities between this murder and the previous one.

As mentioned earlier, C.V.Kumar has done a remarkable work with his directorial skills. But, what makes the film so much appreciable is the screenwriting by filmmaker Nalan Kumarasamy. Right from the initial moments of the film followed by actual conflict, the narration is kept much intact and the entire team of writers definitely deserves a good appreciation is for this. But there are some diminishing elements in the movie, especially the second half. The problem with my man is that it has a brilliant plot in hand, which needs a top-notch technical quality. This goes slightly missing in this film or else everything is perfect. The songs don’t gain our interest, but the background score is so much compelling as it elevates the actual ambience of the film.

Sundeep Kishan has to work a lot on changing his nature of body language and mannerisms in accordance to the roles he does. His reactions are almost like an aggressive youngster as in Maanagaram and not a police officer. Lavanya Tripati looks best with her appearance. Daniel Balaji makes an impressive performance. Although, Jackie Shroff is seen by the last 30 minutes, he just steals the show.

Maayavan deserves a watch for the earnest attempt of bringing forth a newfangled script. But if it was projected with much more efficient package in both technical and narrative aspects, it would have been definitely a huge movie.

Maayavan Movie Review
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Verdict: Carries a unique storyline with gripping moments

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