Maddy has to juggle between weights now

Maddy has to juggle between weights now. This season is turning to be more off its ‘Gym’ phase upon Maddy. Well, the actor decided to remain away from spotlights for a very long time and was so much intentional that he shouldn’t sign any projects before ‘Irudhi Suttru’. Of course, with the film gaining him impeccable honours and acclamations, the actor is now on the signing spree of many projects, but what keeps him more occupied are the gym sessions that he seems to be profoundly addicted to. Right now, the guy is shedding down more kilos for his upcoming film, an action thriller to be shot majorly in USA.

Guess who’s wielding the megaphone? It’s none other than Sarkunam, who is far-famed merely for his rural entertainers like Kalavani. Perhaps, this combination is surely a rarity and if Maddy has accepted the script that comes from a director who has been illustrious for town based entertainers, this should really be something different. The project will be completed in a span of 3 months as Madhavan has to start working on ‘Charlie’ remake directed by Vijay from November 15