Mahesh Babu’s Spyder glimpse – Excitement or Disappointment?  


No doubt! This day had been the long awaited one for months, right from the project went on floors. Everything involving the unveiling of first look teaser kept the audiences excited and it was supposed to happen yesterday (May 30) and it was stalled on the spur of moment due to the sudden demise of celebrated filmmaker Dasari Narayana Rao. This morning (June 1), the glimpse of Spyder was unveiled and it instantly managed to grab everyone’s attention.


The fans of Mahesh Babu across South industry are highly celebrating the arrival of their ‘Prince’, but then there are few other counterparts that add up the views claiming that it hasn’t lived up to the expectations. It has nothing but just a glimpse of Mahesh Babu as he works something on his computers and we find a robotic spider climbing up to him. It is worth mentioning that lots of hard work has been exerted towards the technical aspects, but there is no drama, but just a profile look of Mahesh Babu with a running length of 46 seconds.