Master Movie Review
Master Movie Review

Master Movie Review

MGR, Rajinikanth and Vijay – Anyone would easily predict what the storyline of most of their movies could be. They are saviors of needy in different premises. They either save women from the clutches of evildoers, slaves and sometimes kids. The theatrical trailer of Master and the album songs would have given a clear idea about what the film is going to be all about.

Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi) is a miscreant, who runs his underground business and commits murder and crime by bringing kids from juvenile centres into picture. On the other hand, professor JD (Vijay) is a professor in college, who is urged by situations to conduct classes for the juvenile for a span of 3 months. You know what’s rest of the story all about?

During one of the interviews, Lokesh Kanagaraj had said that 50% of the film will belong to him and other half would be Vijay’s. This in turn becomes the plus and minus for the film. Be the cinematographic tone or in sketching the characters, Lokesh Kanagaraj scores brownie points. There are few extraordinary scenes, where we find that Lokesh has surpassed Karthik Subbaraj’s mediocre narration in Petta (The reason for comparisons is because both movies feature leading stars in lead characters as hero and baddie). The first half is engrossing although it looks slightly sluggish, but still we are kept engaged with the curious expectations on how’s the first meet and combat between Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi going to be. Well, Lokesh uses AR Murugadoss’ signature touch of ‘I’m waiting’, which slightly puts up a doubt if the narration would be commendable aftermath. As expected, the screenwriting completely goes down below the lines of mediocre in second hour. Except for one particular scene involving the first meet of Vijay and VJS, rest of the scenes are either a replica from Vijay’s movies like Thuppakki or Vettaikaaran. The climax fight was one among the much anticipated traits, but then it disappoints us.

There are so many artistes in the film, but all appear in the blink and miss roles. The funny part is Andrea Jeremiah’s Marvel Hawkeye avatar. For the actress who has done remarkable movies like Taramani, this one looks too disappointing. Malavika Mohanan has nothing to do. Gowri Kishen, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and many more actors are just an atmosphere artistes. Arjun Das is completely wasted.

Anirudh’s musical score is just okay. It looks like, he is making smart moves by borrowing music from heroes’ erstwhile signature tunes. It was same with Rajinikanth’s Darbar and now Ghilli impact is witnessed.

With the weak screenwriting in second half, which has no purpose, Master turns out to be a little disappointment by the end. Well, Vijay fans do have something to enjoy in the first half and couple of action blocks in the second hour. Vijay Sethupathi gets a substantial character, which is more appreciable than Vijay’s role.

Master Movie Review
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Verdict: First half looks engaging followed by a below-average second hour that fails to impress.

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