Nasser in new dimension for Saivam

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Actor Nasser is known for his methodology in acting. The actor goes to maximum extent to prove his mettle and in the sets of Director Vijay’s Saivam, he had shaved a portion of his head to get a balding look.

The actor was initially concerned over the fact that he has been playing roles with his original hair style in many other films too. At this juncture the Director came with a solution. Pattanam Rasheed, the senior make up man and hair stylist was summoned, and the idea of an alternative wig similar to the original hair style of Nasser sir was floated, and in few hours it was ready too.

The efforts really paid off as the rushes suggest, The director says and adds ‘Nasser sir is amazing as a grand father in the film and trust me this film will show an other dimension of the valuable actor we possess’ the director with pride shares this information.