Arulnithi starrer D Block Trailer – Looks like a taut mystery thriller with top notch technical stuff is on the way

Arulnithi starrer D Block Trailer

Arulnithi starrer D Block Trailer – Looks like a taut mystery thriller with top-notch technical stuff is on the way

Actor Arulnithi has always been synonymous for content-driven plots based on different genres. He has always reinvented his potentials by being a part of movies that are out of the blue irrespective of what the results are. After a long sabbatical gap, the actor’s new outing ‘D Block’ is all set for the release. The makers have unveiled the film’s trailer with the running length of 2 minutes 18 seconds. Written and directed by Vijay Kumar Rajendran of Eruma Saani fame, the trailer clearly prepares the audiences on what to expect. It’s a mystery thriller revolving around a college hostel, where the actual crisis looks cloudy to our eyes for now. Preferably, it could be about the girls goes missing, and few college staffs are involved. The trailer has been cut in such a way that we aren’t able to judge who the antagonist could be. There is Uma Riaz, who earlier shared the screen with Arulnithi in his magnum opus ‘Mouna Guru’. Then, there is Karu Pazhaniappan and few more prominent actors. Director Vijay Kumar has played an important role in this movie. To be precise, the film gives an exact impression of yesteryear movie ‘Whistle’ that had an excellent plot of twists and turns laced with good entertainment factors. (Well, we don’t mean to say that the film is a copycat of a Hollywood or International movie like how ‘Whistle’ was replicated from ‘I know what you did Last Summer’).

The technical department looks promising with sound department having a major role to play in enhancing the thrill and mystery elements.

D Block trailer instills more inquisitiveness and eagerness in us to look out for what’s the actual mystery on big screens.