Oviya opens up on Bigg Boss re-entry

Oviya Opens Up On Bigg Boss Re Entry
Oviya Opens Up On Bigg Boss Re Entry
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opens up on re-entry

Actress had gained a mammoth value and fan following base with her appeparance in show. In fact, the TRP of this show declined a to a greater extent after she walked out of the show. After spending quality time with her fans, what was more concerning was her new haircut, which left open for assumptions on her health issues.

Finally, the actress arrived into the picture with an exclusive video message on her social media page. Oviya requested her fans saying not to hurt anyone’s feelings or sentiments using her name, especially Julie, Sakthi and other Bigg Boss contestants. She openly admitted that no one is completely perfect or good. It’s advisable to take good inspirations from others, but copycatting them in real life wouldn’t be a great idea.

Getting on to speak about the buzzes on her re-entry into Bigg Boss house, Oviya refuted them as baseless rumours. She is busy occupied with some projects as well.

About her new hairstyle, which is prompting many out on health issues, she claims that a medical firm approached to create awareness on cancer patients saying that beauty has nothing to do with hair. Since her mother passed out due to cancer, she took up this awareness campaign.

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