Patra captures the tale of the real life

Scripts made on the rustic side with fair bit of truth and elements always corner attention. ‘Patra’ a new film produced by V.Gandhi kumar for his G K Cinemas, is all set to draft among the list of the growing films on realty that bites us in day to day life.

In a society where we have learnt to live a midst men disguised animals here is a young man who struggle hard to thrive himself as an astronaut engineer. His lofty ambitions are brought hard into the ground due to the circumstances where he was present but not involved. Caught between two great criminal power houses the Hero sneaks in between their strength and asserts himself and in the process his family too!!! This tale has been very clearly weaved around two important characters. Debutant Director Jayanthan has all but captured the tale of the real life happenings.