Pichaikkaran to get a sequel now

to get a sequel now

’s career graph has been scaling incredible heights with , where the film had its fame beyond the boundaries. It’s still unimaginably surprising to hear the trade circles acclaim this business of 34Lac Telugu version making a business of 30Crore in box office crossing 100-days in many theatres. Apparently, it’s time for a sequel now and that’s not merely because of this success, but a predictable quotient of ‘Demonetization’ that occurs in the film.

With the movie’s sequence over YouTube and Online portals getting viral over the days soon after Indian Government’s decision on banning 500rs and 1000rs currency usage, many have started to enquire on the film’s sequel. too has confirmed the news saying that there were no such initial plans, but it is all happening now with the constant curiosities spread up across the towns. If everything goes well, the sequel to Picchaikaaran might happen in 2018 .

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