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Rajinikanth pays tribute to APJ Abdul Kalam

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As the entire nation is pouring condolence messages to , Superstar paid his final respects in his trademark style on his official Twitter page.

“I did not have the privilege of seeing our mahatma Gandhiji, Kamaraj or Barathiyaar but was blessed enough to live admist mahatma Kalamji. From humble beginnings Abdul Kalam ji rose to great heights but continued to live humble and simple. He lived to inspire millions of people. He endeared himself to student community motivating them at all levels. God has embraced him silently with love. May his soul rest in peace,” said .

Kamal Haasan penned a poem for the former president in Tamil language and paid his tribute. The final rites for the accomplished leader will be performed today in his hometown Rameshwaram.

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