Rangoon Movie Review

Writer & Director : Rajkumar Periyasamy
Producer : A R Murugadoss, Fox Star Studios
Cast : Gautham Karthik, Sana Makbul, Lallu, Siddique
Music : R.H.Vikram, Vishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematography : Anish Tharun Kumar
Editor : Prasanna GK, Vijay Venkatramanan
Production company : A.R.Murugadoss Productions
Running Time : 146 mins

Rangoon starring Gautham Karthik and Sana Khan in lead roles, directed by Rajkumar Periyasamy, a former associate of A.R.Murugadoss has hit screens now. Let us have a look into vivid analysis into the movie. 

Gautham Karthik and his family are refugees from Burma, who get settled in Sowkarpettai, Chennai for their livelihood.. With the help of a friend, Gautham Karthik gets employed under Siddique, who does business of old gold jewels. Much impressed with his hard work and faithfulness, Siddique decides to resume his smuggling of gold and Hawala transactions through Gautham. The situations become harder for Gautham, when he is assigned to smuggle 6Cr worth gold to Burma and get back the same amount of money to Chennai. This really leads him through a journey of turmoil.

The basic premise of this film is based on the concept ‘Birth and Death are easy, but the journey amidst is tougher’. The entire film travels on this theme, which is something timeworn over the years of our experience on the big screens. But then, Rajkumar Periyasamy holds special mention for very well depicting the sequences of gold smuggling and Hawala transaction. Although, the romantic sequences between Gautham Karthik and Sana Khan has been delineated beautifully, but it doesn’t fit well with the fast-gripping narration. The second half involving the police investigations and chases could have been done with narration. Capturing the scenic beauties of Burma and Rangoon, Anish Tarun Kumar holds special mention for his cinematography. The background score by Vishal Chandrashekar is yet another highlighting trait that comes with the strong element of tunts by Anbariv…

This can be strongly affirmed as one of the best movies from Gautham Karthik till the date. He has deliberately expressed a nuance performance with more efforts, which stands out as worthy of appreciations. Sana might not be seen throughout the film, but she has done complete justice to her role. Siddique stands out to be the ultimate showstopper with his naturalistic performance.

Overall, Rangoon offers a different experience for the audiences with its gripping narration and some nuance performance.

Rangoon Movie Review
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Rangoon: Keeps the momentum gripping at many places

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