URU Movie Review

URU Movie Review

Writer & Director : Vicky Anand
Producer :
V.P. Viji
Cast :
Kalaiyarasan, Dhanshika
Music :
Johan Shevanesh
Cinematography : 
Prasanna S Kumar
Editor :
Production company :
Vaiyam Medias
Running Time : 150 mins

Debut filmmaker Vicky Anand comes up with a psychological thriller titled ‘URU’, which has some racy moments that literally hooks us up. Let us catch up for a blunt analysis to see whether the entire movie possesses such intriguing elements. The film stars Kalaiyarasan and Dhansika in lead roles with Mime Gopi, Daniel Anne Pope and few other actors in important roles.

Dashed down with hopes with his novels failing to click well in market, Kalaiyarasan who is now claimed as an outdated novelist decides to break the pattern. He decides to write an unconventional novel based on horror, which would be unconventional from his erstwhile ones. Leaving his wife (Dhansika) behind at home, he travels to the coolest hill station of Mega Malai to complete his novel. But unexpectedly, he starts experiencing outlandish moments that scares him psychologically. Moreover, things get speculative when his wife too reaches the place and she gets succumbed to a terrible situation too.

Over the past couple of years, we have been consistently coming across horror movies that have ‘Ghost’ elements to chill the spines. In the name of ‘Horror’, which is supposedly a psychological thriller, director Vicky Anand brims up the tale with real tensed moments that will keep audiences sweated out with nail-biting moments, particularly during second hour.

Although, we have seen many such movies in the past, especially from Hollywood, this one sets its own pace and momentum commuting us to the spooky ambience. The second hour has sequences that hardly have any dialogues and it has been stunningly shot with just raciness. Vicky has to definitely thank three people at this point – Dhansika for offering a spectacular performance, music director for his background score and cinematography. But on the flip side, we are slightly disturbed by the over dosage of ‘Sound Effects’, which could have been underplayed. The running length of 2hrs 30 minutes becomes a major drawback, which should have been trimmed to at least 120minutes or even lesser. Nearly for the entire first half, we aren’t aware about what’s the basic plot. The film wastes lots of initial moments to establish the characterizations and their conflicts.

Kalaiyarasan as a novelist is okay as he tries to do justice to his role. But the obvious show stealer is Dhansika. Others in the cast including Mime Gopi have nothing much of scope to gain our attention.

Overall, ‘URU’ has its best moments as mentioned above, but it the duration was trimmed by keeping the raciness persisted through the show, it would have definitely been a top-notch psychological thriller keeping us edge-seated. Eventually, the climax touch by Vicky Anand might click well with the multiplex audiences, but doubtful with single screen movie goers.

URU Movie Review
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Uru: Raciness and Thrilling, but slimmed by lengthy duration

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