Real life reflections of Thoonga Vanam and Vedalam

Diwali festival has turned to be more celebratory with big releases like Kamal Haasan’s Thoonga Vanam and Ajith Kumar’s Vedalam hitting screens. While both the films are based on different genres and plots, both these actors have had their real life reflections conveyed in the movies.

In Vedalam, Soori asks Ajith if he is there on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp and the latter replies “No”. Instantly Soori says, “So you’re not in Twitter to convey your opinions and hurt anyone’s feelings…” This indeed reflects the real life image of Ajith Kumar.

Similarly, in Thoonga Vanam as the situations are intense, Kamal Haasan comes across a film producer (Santhana Bharathy), where he speaks about the film’s ban in theatres. “I know you are a huge actor. Does it mean that you’ve to convey strong messages”?

It is worth mentioning that Kamal Haasan had faced some similar issues in the past through his movies like Vishwaroopam.