Rebels of Thupakulagudem has entertainment action and emotions

‘Rebels of Thupakulagudem’ has entertainment, action, and emotions

‘Rebels of Thupakulagudem’ has entertainment, action, and emotions

Rebels of Thupakulagudem is an upcoming movie with 40 new actors like Praveen Kandela, Shrikant Rathod, Jaiyetri Makana, and Shivram Reddy. Jaideep Vishnu is directing this movie under the banner of Vaaradhi Creations Pvt Ltd. Santosh Murarikar who is the co-director has provided the story for this movie which is slated to release on February 3rd. The film’s pre-release event was a grand success and this doubled their confidence.

While speaking at the event, director Jaideep Vishnu said, “I got a very good team and because of them, I was able to deliver a quality product. Maggi and Dixit have worked hard for this film. Vinay joined us late. These three handled the film well together. Pawan is multitalented as the editor, singer, and dancer of this movie. Santosh is my friend. We have been good friends for the last thirteen years. I think the audience will like this movie and it will have a good reach. Our entire village helped us. Telangana Police Department also lent good support. Thanks to my two heroes and heroine. We had trouble with regard to the music for this film. The problem was resolved with Mani Sharma sir providing the music. He had given four songs in four days. If it wasn’t for Kasarla Shyam, we wouldn’t have got Mani Sharma sir. Thanks to everyone who worked on the film. Both of my heroes are impressive in their respective styles. When we wrote the role of the heroine, we thought of casting a Telangana girl. We cast Jaiyetri as we felt a girl who can speak Telangana accent would be the right choice. Thanks to the media for supporting us so far. Our film is releasing in the US on February 2nd. It will arrive in Telugu states on February 3rd. Watch this movie in the theatres near you.”

Melody Brahma Mani Sharma said, “I understood one thing after the completion of this film. The director is not as soft as he looks. We all tried something new together. I want the audience to watch the film and bless us.”

Praveen Kandela said, “I played the role of Rajanna in this film. Earlier we did a short film called Chor Bazar. After that, we thought of doing an independent film. It finally became a big movie. You will understand whether I played a hero or a villain, after watching the movie. Mani Sharma is a rebel of this movie. Cameraman Sreekanth Arpula worked very hard. The movie has come out very well. It has entertainment, action, and emotions. Everyone will get emotional, after watching the movie. And the result is in the hands of the audience. My wife Deepti Balachandran has been very supportive in this journey. The movie is going to release on February 3rd. Everyone should watch and make it a big success.”

Shrikant Rathod said, “Thanks to the director who gave me this chance. I wanted to become an actor since my childhood. Thanks to Santhosh, Jaideep, and Praveen. Without those three, this movie would not have happened. This journey started two years ago. We worked so hard for this film. Thanks to Vinod, Rahul and others who graced the occasion. We shot this movie completely in the forest area. Thanks to my team for giving me a memorable journey. The movie will be released on February 3rd. Watch this movie and make it successful.”

Gautham said, “The title- Rebels of Thupakulagudem is very catchy. I was surprised when I came to know that Mani sir was doing music. He agreed to do this means it has potential content. I wish this movie to be a big hit for hero Shrikant and director Jaideep.”

Jaiyetri said, “I am making my debut in Telugu with this film. Thanks to the director and co-directors for giving me the opportunity. Assistant directors are the main pillars of our film. While the story of this movie is a big asset, the visuals provided by Sreekanth Arpula took the movie to another level. Mani Sharma’s music is the biggest asset. The story is the hero of this movie. We did the movie as we believed in the story. The movie is arriving on February 3rd.”

Cameraman Srikanth Arpula said, “I was not given much equipment for this film. I am proud of that. What is there to do when everything is given? My creativity comes out, even if nothing is given. The director helped me a lot. It was not like the regular shooting process. Everyone who worked for the film supported me completely.”

Writer Santosh said, “We thought of making a short story as an independent film. But I didn’t think that it would become such a big movie. I wish this movie coming on February 3rd will be a big hit. Everyone worked hard for this film. The Rebels gang worked really hard. Our heroine Jaiyetri performed well. I wish Raj and Shrikant to go to the next level with this movie. The movie is releasing on February 3rd.”

Kasarla Shyam said, “This team works hard until they get the desired result. They came into movies to fulfill their passion and dreams. Their first dream came true when Melody Brahma Mani Sharma accepted to do the film. Congratulations to everyone who acted in this movie. Your effort will definitely pay off. I wrote three songs for the movie. I want this movie to be a big hit.”

Sivaram said, “Though it’s a small film, it is being released all over the world. The movie will have its theatrical release on February 3rd. It’s releasing in the US on February 2nd. Santosh has written this story brilliantly. Everyone worked hard for this film. I think the audience will reward us for the hard work we put in.”