Rum Movie censored with U/A

Movie censored with U/A

Electrifying composer Anirudh’s next most anticipated heist horror flick is . Produced by Vijaya Raghavendra of ‘All in Pictures’ and directed by debutant Sai Bharath, the film acquired a U/A certificate from the film censor board. The film has VIP fame , , , , , and Arjun in the lead roles.

“We now realize how important the sound is to the film. The presence of the musical wizard Anirudh in our ranks has given “Rum” a huge boost in terms of commercial visibility. The amalgamation of multi talents in the cast and crew list is very ably utilized by our debutant director Sai Bharath.

Mere certification should not disturb the composition and the genre of the film. I am thankful to “Sai circuit 6000” for supporting us, their contribution in terms of execution and planning to release “Rum” worldwide is appreciable. As a production house we are intending to do more films of content, spot more talents and cater to the creative and commercial requirement of the industry” says Producer Vijaya Raghavendra with pride.