Sillu Karuppatti Movie Review
Sillu Karuppatti Movie Review

Sillu Karupatti Movie Review

Filmmaker Halitha Shameem, who made her directorial debut through the movie Poovarasam Peepee comes up with her second outing titled Sillu Karupatti, which is an anthology of four short stories. The film’s theatrical trailer had created sumptuous expectations upon the film as it gave a clear insight that it’s all about the relationships set against the city backdrops.

The first chapter is about a small rag picker boy, who earns his livelihood by selling the materials from the garbage bins. He comes across a valuable one that belongs to a girl from rich family. He somehow manages to give it back to her.

The other chapter revolves around a meme creator (Manikandan), who comes across an outspoken city girl, while sharing a cab journey.

The third chapter is about an elderly couple. A man at his 60s who feels little lonely and he glances accidentally on a woman of his age through binoculars. Soon, both of them develop a bonding.

The final chapter is ‘My Dear Ammu’, which actually carries more intense drama revolving around a married couple (Samuthirakani and Sunaina), parent of three children, whose lives are no different from the couple, who are bored with their routine work lifestyle.

The first intriguing thing about Sillu Karupatti is the crisp and perfect writing by Halitha. She has done a lot of preparations in the writing process as you don’t find any flaws anywhere. Be the way, the characters are developed and the drama is portrayed, they are very well etched. When the writing is so excellent, it makes the job easier for the artistes to effortlessly strike up with a commendable job. All the artistes in this film have made an impeccably huge performance. Be it Samuthirakani, Sunaina, Leena Samson, Manikandan or everyone, they have given a perfect stroke of acting.

The other appreciable element about the film is the way the technicians have beautified the movie. Especially, the chapter of PINK BAG, where major portions are about slum and garbage dumping areas, it has been really pictured well. The four cinematographers working on each story with unique treatment of tones and grades are really appreciable. Arrol Corelli’s musical score is smooth and soft that keeps up the low decibel and appearing as good adornments to the script.

On the whole, Sillu Karupatti offers a good experience for the audiences and it’s a movie that can be watched along with families for no filmmaker had earlier attempted films on relationships so decently.

Sillu Karupatti Movie Review
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Verdict: Soft, poetic, realistic and relatable.

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