“SR Prabhakaran has done lots of research for Sathriyan” – Vikram Prabhu


Actor Vikram Prabhu has been always considered as the safest bet of producers and distributors in Tamil film industry. The actor keeps his fingers crossed that his upcoming release ‘Sathriyan’ scheduled to hit screens this Friday will definitely impress the universal audiences. Recently, while promoting the film, Vikram Prabhu cites saying that SR Prabhakaran, director of this film has done a lots of hard work in researching to bring the reality in backdrops of the story.

The way he has crafted every characterization has been done with excellent panache. The screenplay has been done in an engrossing manner that will definitely impress everyone. The film features Manjima Mohan in female lead role and on his part; SR Prabhakaran adds that Manjima Mohan will be the center of attraction in Sathriyan.