STR cuts the tail off Vaalu’s release issue

STR ever straight forward and honest to his own self chose to break his silence on the issues related to his much expected “Vaalu”. The actor in a statement says “Every body knows my father had acquired the rights to release the film “Vaalu” quite some time back. His decision was not only on the basis of being my father but also as an reputed director producer. He loved the film and hence this decision. We are all set to release the film, by the mid of this month. We sorted out various issues related to the film one by one until we came across this other party claiming the release rights for this film too. I had done my duty as an actor and eager, as eager as my fans are to see the film with my beloved fans. Reasons beyond my strength and hidden forces against the film as well as me are in the full process of sabotagising the release on the prescribed date. The mutual bonding I share with my fans, the wishes and blessings of my well wishers and the support of media gives me immense strength in this hour. I am a bundle of confidence and with that confidence and the divine presence of the almighty iam sure, the release of my film will happen as scheduled. I believe in the phrase “‘when the going gets tough , the tough gets going”.