Superstar Rajinikanth-Jackie Chan film on cards?

These brands are more than enough to pull the global spotlights instantly for such is their charismatic appeal that has been spreading like mammoth realms. Maybe, it could be a mere rumour or something to ignite more off ‘Kabali’ fever when a Malaysian producer just uttered that he is planning to bring Superstar Rajinikanth and Jackie Chan together for a Hollywood film, which would be a fantasy genre, based on the tale of a dragon.

According to the sources closer to the producer, it has been learnt that Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor would be seen playing the female lead role and when it’s an international project, it could be none other than Academy Award winner AR Rahman, who would be on the top list to compose music. However, none of the media networks over here in India or Tamil Nadu have affirmed the news strongly as no sources have opened up on this.