Tamil Film Media Federation statement and resolutions

If you take Tamil Cinemas growth in the recent past, there has been a tremendous increase in terms of revenues, profits, good cinemas, budget etc and its going in the right path towards world class cinema. To achieve that, media reporters from tv, press and internet are doing a great job and without them, our dream will never get achieved. Cinema is an attractive media where everyone is fond of to get that entertainment every now and then. Its become a part in day to day life of everyone to get connected with cinema entertainment and they want to get updates wherever they go. To achieve that, internet is the only medium where anyone can get anything in this fast world.

In today’s word, if a cinema function is happening in Chennai at a particular day and time, within next few minutes, whole world can able to get what is happening even with a tiny handset mobile in hand, also live coverage of the event too possible and can be shared with anyone in the world. As technology improved, its very easy to share information and get updates then and there and this helps media also, to attract people to know the right information and enjoy the cinema world.

There are eras where one can get the cinema news only on certain TV or magazines which will get published or showcased after few days of the event and people has to wait or sometimes they never get noticed too. Now those eras are gone and when anyone want to know whats happening around in Tamil cinema, he can just get into Google and type “Tamil cinema” or whatever relevant word he wants to know, next min it will come up with tones of websites which showcase all latest news about it. Without internet and press reporters of media, this will never get possible. People will get attracted towards the content and they will come forward to theaters to see the cinema art and this helps the cinema business to grow well too.

Now a days, internet media can do wonders by making a good movie to reach all audience or even a average movie can do a bumper collection by the way it has been promoted. Though there are some negative aspects in internet media, but the positive aspects will overcome it and finally, its people who will know what to see. Internet media doing a great job in delivering the right content to people.

For the past few years, there are some disputes which arises here and there that internet media is doing a bad job because of few immature peoples inside the council and also because of few people who did a fault which affects the entire media. This is not correct to blame or block entire media when anyone do a mistake. In business always there are some positive and negatives and because of that one should not shake the base of it and if they did knowingly, they have to face the impact and that will ruin the whole industry.

Even it has been directly/indirectly said by so many medium to the council, they didn’t understand the value of it and even they don’t have the knowledge of the latest trends in this internet world. There is a proverb in Tamil “Pattal thaan puriyum pattalathukaararukku” and in regards to that, media people decided to show their real value of internet media and make them understand. They decided to boycott all cinemas related events & promotions for a month effective immediately.

Also few more decisions has been taken which are as follows. By doing this, this problem should never come in future and we expect Tamil cinema to enter the world class entertainment media and the members of all the committee should understand the value of the internet media and the people’s hard work in it and give respect for the same.

About 150 Tamil Cinema Press reporters from TV, Press and Websites met and showed their distress on this restriction. After inputs from several reporters, we came up with the following resolutions:

1) We strongly oppose the decision of “Tamil Cinema Pathukappu Padai”to restrict the media.
2) It’s been decided to ignore and not to co-operate in future by any means with T. Siva, T.G.Thyagarajan, L.L.M.Muralitharan, A.L.Azhagappan of Producers Council; Vikraman, RK Selvamani, V.Sekar of TANTIS; Sarathkumar, Radharavi of Thenninthiya Nadikar Sangam; and Shiva of FEFSI.
3) It’s been decided to ignore all news related to Venthar Movies as T.Siva is associated with it.
4) It’s been decided not to publish any Movie Event photos or news that any of the above said persons are part of.
5) We request Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Dr. J.Jayalalitha to protect all the Tamil Cinema Associations from Pachamuthu’s domination.
6) As FEFSI Shiva is also against the media, we would request All India Film Employees Association to remove FEFSI Shiva from the President position as he is not fit for the post.
7) We are going to convey this disrespect to Press Club.
8) From today, we will ignore all Tamil Cinema related events for one month.
9) We are requesting our media friends, who are part of the selected media list from the “Tamil Cinema Pathukappu Padai” also to extend their help and support to us.
10) Media ignored in this list are requested to convey the same to their management and stand by this decision.

The above said resolution will come into effective immediately.

A committee has been formed and it consists of Mr.Bismi, Mr.Sankar, Mr.Theni Kannan, Mr.Vincent, Mr.Rameshkumar, who will be the official Point of Contacts for this initiative.

Thank you,
Studio Flicks Team