96 And Merku Thodarchi Malai – Are The ‘pain’ Factors The Main Intention Of Writers

96 and Merku Thodarchi Malai – Are the ‘Pain’ factors the main intention of writers?

96 and Merku Thodarchi Malai – Are the ‘Pain’ factors the main intention of writers?

Pain and Joy are integral part of our lives and any art work based on these elements has obviously captured our hearts. However, with a much a deeper analysis, it comes so much blatantly revealed that ‘PAIN’ and ‘MISERY’ have turned to be the deepest part of our consciousness. Well, this instance can be illustrated in a much simpler note. There are several proverbs and quotes we come across in our lives. Although, there are certain quotes and philosophical lines that are based on positive attributes, what actually gains our attention are the bittersweet ones like letting go of someone you love or something that pecks us emotionally.

Well, this cannot be very much related to both these films that were last year. Yes, they are critically acclaimed and of course, these movies have possessed every element to grab our attention. Nonetheless, just taking an imaginary ride to the moment, where the filmmakers of these movie had dropped the first single line idea on their papers. For example, when Prem Kumar had ideated the one line of 96 – It could have been probably put this way – Two childhood lovers meet in reunion meet over an evening. Obviously, the next thing would have been, they don’t get united rather split up in pain by end. Although, Merku Thodarchi Malai distinctly throws light upon the anthropological and realistic lifestyle of the people across Western Ghats, it again gives us a moment to sit back and think, the first one line that filmmaker Lenin Bharathi had written. A young man’s dream of owning a land on the Western Ghats gets collapsed due to the contemporary issues. Yes, there isn’t nothing to blame about the story’s premise. However, why not a positive ending?

Yes, this isn’t something confined to our region, but this happens to be the ritual practice of world’s most acclaimed movies. Be it a love story or any genre that has positive ending script, it either gains the verdict – A feel-good love story or neat time pass entertainer. But offer the audience them a sweet dish with some bitter ingredients, it becomes a masterpiece. Even the Oscar winning 1997 foreign film ‘Life is Beautiful’ had a similar emotional punch. The film’s genre is comedy drama and you’ll keep laughing out till the end. (P.S. Most of the comedy sequences were lifted from actor Vijay’s yesteryear movie ‘Youth’). But then, the climax just shoots an inevitable lump in our throats.

So we don’t mean to say that audiences enjoy the movies with bitter endings nor the creators of such works. In other words, there is a famous proverb – The Life you’re not happy with now is someone’s heaven actually. So be happy with what you have. But then, what occupies more of our minds is what we don’t have… So this could probably a propelling factor to get attracted towards any literary art works or films that has bitter endings.