Letter From Heart – To Your Kind Attention Rj Balaji



In one of the recent videos that RJ Balaji posted on his micro-blogging page, we got to see him use the image of ‘Middle-Class’ term claiming that none among their crew members of LKG have their father working in Fire Department to just threaten a theatre and get 5 a.m. show. He claimed himself as ‘Merit Student’ and so are the others in the team for having got the privilege. It’s really appreciable that a film purely based on contents has got such a great acknowledgement, which inspires many aspiring filmmakers and actor to take a leap into the showbiz with good contents and efforts. However, there happens to be something really perturbing with the word ‘Middle Class’ he used. Yes, the issues between Vishnu Vishal and RJ Balaji might have been sorted out, but the real problem is this egoistic adherence.

There were few films and real life incidents in the recent times that stand out as an ample reply to what RJ Balaji had quoted. It was something with AR Rahman’s recent interview followed by GV Prakash’s Sarvam Thaala Mayam and of course, the sensational ‘Gully Boy’.

There is a particular scene in Gully Boy, where Ranveer Singh says, “I come from Gully (Slum)” and the friend replies, “ART doesn’t look for the places, it originates from anywhere and so it doesn’t matter where artist comes from.” It was same with Sarvam Thaala Mayam, where ART is referred as ‘God’ (Godliness) and it’s so much divine.

AR Rahman had openly spoke up certain issues involving caste issues in villages (This issue is pretty cruel and devastating than being a Middle-Class). “Just educate yourself, enlighten yourself, come out and prove yourself. Just don’t keep complaining.”

RJ Balaji! We are so much happy and really proud to see someone like u from such a deplorable condition of life came up in life with unceasing efforts. Today from being a RJ to a hero is something really astonishing and we want to keep you inspiring many through such accomplishments and more philanthropic deeds as you have been doing.

But just a reminder! Having someone to back you or push you into the respective field on influences alone will not make a person success or even get 5 a.m. shows. We have been coming across many reigning actors and technicians in our film industry, who are still struggling to get their children shine under spotlights, which remains as an unfulfilled desire. So it’s not about ‘Born with Golden spoon’ or ‘Rags to Riches’… This is all about winning the hearts of people through love and being dedicated to respective work that will make one gain their due credits.