Kurangu Pedal Movie Review

Kurangu Pedal Movie Review

Sivakarthikeyan Productions will be releasing the film ‘Kurangu Pedal’ this Friday. This film based on the short story titled ‘Cycle’ written by Rasi Alagappan, is directed by Kamalakannan, and promises to deliver a unique and enjoyable content-driven story. The titular roles are played by Prasanna Balachandar and Jensen Diwakar.

The plot is so simple, and is set in a village backdrop near Salem and the year is somewhere in the 80s, where a group of kids embrace their earnest desire to learn cycling in summer holidays. One among them is Mariappan, who decides to hire a cycle from the local shop owned by a man fondly called as Military (Prasanna Balachandar) in the neighbourhood. Mariappan wants to learn the cycling without the knowledge of his father (Kaali Venkat).

It is a rare occurrence for a film to be appreciated by audiences despite its flaws, and ‘Kurangu Pedal’ is one such film. It takes us back to the 80s, a time when technology and gadgets were not as prevalent. The film explores the bond between a father and son, allowing us to connect with it on many levels.

As cited before, the film is loosely based on a short story, and even the film has such moments, where few scenes look little stretched. There are few too dramatic moments as well, which could have been slightly improvised. However, this doesn’t hamper the impression of this film.

Getting on with the positives of the film is director’s vision in not letting the kids drama lose its beauty. We can experience the innocence in every scene. The scene where Mariappan fails to return the cycle due to his sleep at sister’s place followed by his compromise with the rival during the end is one such illustration. The performances of both Kaali Venkat and the little boy Santhosh Velmurugan is so appreciable. Not to miss the realistic performance of Prasanna Balachandar, who delivers an impeccable spell. The visuals captured by SuMee Bhaskaran and the middle musical by Ghibran are the biggest plus.

The film has very little flaws, which aren’t noticeable, and overall, Kurangu Pedal is a delight to watch.

Kurangu Pedal Movie Review
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Verdict: A Beautiful Film that needs to watch with your family and kids

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