Vijay Milton Next With Sivarajkumar

Vijay Milton next with Kannada Superstar Sivarajkumar

Vijay Milton next with Kannada Superstar Sivarajkumar

Vijaymilton, who made a mark for himself in Tamil, is now entering the Kannada film industry. The film is directed by him that stars Kannada superstar Sivarajkumar in the lead role.

Recently Sivarajkumar starrer ‘Tagaru’ was a huge success. Tolly Dhananjaya, who acted as a villain in this movie is widely known among audience. People had high expectations of when the two would reunite again in a movie. So many people tried to get the two to act together in a movie. Actor Sivarajkumar and Tolly Dhananjeya are reuniting in a film because they both liked Vijay Milton’s story. The Kannada film industry which has heard of it and now itself its highly anticipated.

Director Vijay Milton’s Rough Note Production Company, which produced films such as ‘Goli Soda’ and ‘Kadugu’ in Tamil, is producing Krishna Sarthak’s Krishna Creations in Kannada. Story, Screenplay, Writing and Cinematography by S. D. Vijay Milton. Music by J. Anoop Seelin.

As an announcement, actor Suriya released the announcement news of Sivarajkumar’s next today on the occasion of his birthday.