Uyire Web Series Review

Uyire Web Series Review

Uyire Web Series Review

Perhaps, your first word of the verdict after watching ‘Uyire’ would be a wholehearted thanksgiving to Lockdown.. Thanks to ZEE5 for streaming ‘Uyire’ . ‘Uyire’ deals with a lot of complications involving relationships, where ‘extramarital affair’ turns out to be a trigger for a bizarre of events.

The story centres around the family of retired military office Raghavan (Puravalan), his loving wife, who is now having a misunderstanding with him. The couple’s only happiness is not wealth or affluence they enjoy, but their three daughters. When everything looks like a picture-perfect life for them, misery and challenges come from unexpected corners, and how they fight altogether with strong bonding forms the crux of the story.

First things first! Director Abbas Akbar and his team of writers deserve tons of appreciation for crafting such an intense story involving family drama. Uyire conveys a strong message that a small mistake not just leads you to disastrous lands, but everyone around you. An affair that begins without any motivation leading to the catastrophic event is so unbearable for the family members. More than all, the series conveys different messages through the lead characters.

End of the show, where tragedies and unexpected separations dominate, we are given a clear message that the greatest weapon to fight any disaster is STAYING TOGETHER AS A FAMILY.

Apart from an engrossing narration, the dialogues are noteworthy and the writers deserve a special mention for this. They are so simple and at the same sharply appealing.

So, who stands out to be the stellar performers of this show? From Puravalan to the little girl playing the role of Kamini, everyone is awesome. Our cherry picks would be Puravalan, Indra, and James. The highlight of Uyire is that none of the characters are left incomplete and they do have a justification, where you wouldn’t judge any of them as baddies.

The technical department gives a rich flavor to the entire drama and the title song becomes an inevitable addiction.

If you’re looking out for the element on the flip side, the penultimate episodes towards climax might look a bit stretched out, but then the performances of actors make up forit.

On the whole, ‘Uyire’ is a must-watch series that owns lots of messages on how every individual from elders to kids must be aware of and lead their lives in a good way.