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Thala trounces others in poll taken in north ?

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Recently one of the famous north Indian site ” Bollywoodlife” consociated with media conducted an online survey asking the people who will glitzy and dazzling in . The viewers were asked to choose over Ajith, Amir Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Milin Soman and Hollywood star George Clooney. No wonder that yes you go that right. It was Ajith who surveyed overwhelmingly more than 75% the aggregate votes surveyed. Akshay Kumar comes second by acquiring just 14.96% of votes took after by George Clooney (3.92%) Aamir Khan (2.06%) and Milind Soman (0.92%). It must be noted that, it is implied for north Indian viewers, and still Ajith had the capacity rule and pull in the viewers there.  Ajith Kumar has once again proved that he savors a good fan following on the internet as well as social media. It appears like the renown and glory never will leave Ajith in whichever parts of India. The result has fulfilled Ajith’s fans. This win will be extraordinary for them as a portion of the huge names from Bollywood were in the race.


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