The real reason behind – AYM ‘Thalli Pogathey’ issues

Sometimes, ‘Silence’ can have both positive and adverse results. This has been so much evident with young superstar STR and most of his career graph has been studded with controversies and delayed releases, moreover, many projects shelved on the spur of moment. While his long pending releases Vaalu and Idhu Namma Aalu had gained its releases in the past few months, it was highly anticipated that STR will have his much awaited ‘Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada’ hitting screens by July or at least in August. But now it looks like, there is going to be some complications as the song ‘Thalli Pogathey’ is yet to be completed. It is noteworthy that Thalli Pogathey was indeed one of the most fascinating attractions that instantly turned everyone’s attention, especially overshadowing the ‘Beep Song’ issue that STR was bounded.

What Gautham Vasudev Menon said?

In one of the recent interview, Gautham Vasudev Menon said that they had actually planned to shoot the song ‘Thalli Pogathey’ in Turkey. But on the spur of moment, STR didn’t show up and this has created a huge trouble for the film as audiences have been so much obsessed with the song, wanting it to see on the screens. While the Telugu version of this film featuring Naga Chaitanya and Manjima Mohan were shot, AYM remains incomplete. Moreover, Gautham Vasudev Menon says that he is waiting for STR to complete it or else seeks apology to all the fans for the song might not be seen in the movie.

What STR sources say?

The close sources to STR claim that there is nothing fallible on the part of Silambarasan as he has been so much helpful to Gautham Vasudev Menon during his hard times. When the director’s career graph was stumbling down, it was STR who decided to immediately start working on ‘Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada’, which was at that time titled as ‘Sattrendru Maarudhu Vaanilai’. But then, GVM had shelved the shooting halfway, when he got the opportunity to work with Ajith Kumar in ‘Yennai Arindhaal’. Now as the shoot was to resume and while the film was getting close on the heels of completion, the director on the spur of moment kick-started a new project titled ‘Yennai Nokki Paayum Thotta’ starring Dhanush and Mega Akash in lead roles. It was initially planned that soon after the completing the schedule of YNPT in Turkey, Gautham Vasudev Menon had requested STR to do him a favour, where the song ‘Thalli Pogathey’ could be shot there in the same backdrops along with Telugu version too. But somewhere, things didn’t happen as planned as GVM made some changes in schedule, which again made the delay. For an actor who waited patiently for 2 ½ years for the project to complete, he wouldn’t do it intentionally. But now that STR has to focus on his upcoming film ‘AAA’, he has no options left but to prepare him for the show.

What the neutral sources claim?

While these personalities at both ends or at least their sources have been claiming themselves with justifications and advocacies, we find few neutral sources that offers something more convincing and reliable but not confirmed. They come up with the statements that STR is a self made actor who can create controversies at an ease and instantly make it as a promotional tool to grab more attention. While ‘Thalli Pogathey’ became his saviour of moment, when the Beep song had pushed him towards the deplorable scenarios, he could be using the same tool to add more expectations. Just imagine the situation – At the last minute, STR shoots for Thalli Pogathey could even storm up the Twitter and Facebook world with such hash tags like #ThalliPogatheyinAYM #ThallipogatheyonRoll….

Well, all these three statements look convincing from their own perspectives, but let us wait and watch what could be the final conclusion….