The secret role of Riythvika in ‘Kabali’

Everything about ‘Kabali’ has been setting the expectation bars beyond the usual paradigms of a Rajinikanth film and one cannot hold their breath to experience the magnum opus on the screens. Moreover, with the songs getting the incessant fevers, the incessant excitements are finding no ends. Now there is an interesting curiosity that is prevailing in the towns and that is all about the role of Riythvika.

So far, almost all the actors have their looks in this film unveiled, but not even a single picture of Riythvika has been revealed. When asked the close sources, they mention that the actress has very substantial roles on pars with Superstar Rajinikanth character. In fact, the Superstar was so much spellbound over her performance in a particular scene that he kept clapping for a longer time.