The secrets of Yeman unveiled

When you hear someone say ‘Yeman’ or perhaps, glimpse on the word as you pass by, there could be lots of mental upheavals happening all over the space. This indeed has been the inmost feeling of significance created through this word.

But Raju Mahalingam, creative head of Lyca Productions has something more different and unique to offer us. During the launch of Vijay Antony-Jeeva Shankar film with the same title ‘Yeman’, he revealed saying, “Yeman is none other than the devotee of Lord Shiva. This project coincidentally pitched me, when I was travelling all the way to offer prayers to Lord Shiva at temple. With the positive vibrations paving way for good instigations, I had no options to ignore the script that comes from the stunning combination of ‘Naan’ – Vijay Antony and Jeeva Shankar…”